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Meet Your Travel Advisor


It's always been about people and service.  I've determined eligibility for recipients of Sacramento County Social Services; volunteered as an elementary school PTA President for 2 years;  served on the City of Sacramento's first Compensation Commission for two 3-year terms determining the salary and benefits of the Mayor and city council members, and retired as a Human Resources Manager from the State of California.  But the travel bug was always with me, as I helped others curate and book travel along the way and have continued to do so.

That travel bug bit me when I was a junior in high school.  I was selected as an American Field Service summer exchange student to England.  It wasn't just about leaving home for something different, it was to feel how a place far away was both the same and different.  Living with an English family for those 3 months gave me an indelible second family for a lifetime.  I've now known generations of this family, and am godmother to one in the 5th generation. 


Such is a spectacular outcome of the travel experience!  It's about Connections!  So reach out and connect with the world around you and feed your travel bug.

Debbie Yue

Previously Hosted Vacations

Classic Travel Gourmet Brings
“Martin Yan's - Pasta-Ciao Mein Tuscany Tour”
Winner of the 2022 James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award

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