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Research and Planning Fee

Our new Research and Planning Fee is not just a booking fee. It is a comprehensive approach to total travel. We pinpoint the perfect destination, experiences, and accommodations that perfectly fit your desires. We pair the purpose of your trip (such as a culinary journey, a romantic getaway, a family gathering, relaxation, cruise, etc.) with the right atmosphere, social scene, food, and dining, activities, cultural experiences, and more. All of it is designed to create a vacation as unique as you. This appointment-only service is not for everyone, but it is the ideal way to ensure travel excellence and create only the best of memories. Also, our personal connections with the best suppliers in the industry, allow us to leverage our influence to help make that happen. After a free 30-minute consultation, planning and research programs start at only $150 per trip.

The professional fees listed below include initial consultation, research & development of the itinerary and necessary revisions.  All fees are non-refundable and for Classic Travel Gourmet, separate and apart from any fees charged by the travel supplier/vendor being booked.

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