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About Classic Travel Gourmet  

A warm welcome to you from Classic Travel Gourmet and thank you for visiting our website! 

Who We Are

We have provided individual and group travel planning services since 1987, mostly to Europe, Asia, and on Ocean and River Cruises.  


What We Do

We provide a service to help people choose, plan, and book vacations that combine culture, history, and food experiences to best suit their own personal travel style.


We make sure that the vacation planning process from idea to arrival home is smooth.  We check that your documents are in order and custom arrangements are met where needed.  We are available to assist with unexpected emergencies while traveling and follow up with you after you return,


We post content on this site to give you a peek into current travel news, recipes, photos, videos, or thoughts and musings for travelers.  We hope this will inspire you to start or continue a conversation with us to book your next fun and tasteful adventures.      

Why We Do It

This website is home to over 30+ years of personal and business travel experiences.  Travel is the Food of Life.  We travel because it feeds the lust for real continuing education, keeps you relevant by helping you realize your place in the world, and allows you to taste the deliciousness of your journeys.  This is why we are here, to help you achieve these experiences through travel.

“To Travel is to Live” – Hans Christian Andersen

2024 and 2025

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What Our Clients Are Saying

" We have used Debbie for all our travel needs for some time now, and highly recommend her for anyone considering travel, especially leisure travel out of country.  Debbie is very knowledgeable in her own right, but also networks exceptionally well to ensure the best travel experience possible within one’s budget.  Great value...great experience...great customer service. "


John and Joanne H.

Sacramento, CA

Photo  Bites

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